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I sold a painting, another one, was so thrilled. Certainly helps with the bills. Just finished this little pastel, had to take another photo as realised the poor cats ears weren’t finished in the first photo, but by that time it was heading towards night fall so is pretty dark. So popped them both on. Am two thirds of the way through a peacock, hopefully will get to finish it tomorrow, and will pop it on. Later tonight am going to have a look at some more art sites on here. Some are really special. Will get some names of some and put them on here for reference for people who want to have a look also.


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Well finally got back to my blog.

I’ve just been in the kitchen trying to clean a saucepan, from last nights vegies, tried last night but then decided would leave it soak awhile. I burnt the vegies, ahhhh, put them on, got stuck into some art and nearly set the fire alarm off.  Have to buy a timer VERY soon I think.

I didn’t do any art for a long time, but have been back into it the last few weeks. Tonight I am going to try some oil painting, something have never been much good at before, but must admit only tried it twice, thought they were so disastrous I never tried again.  I must say I love the feel of oils and playing around with it.

I sold a couple of paintings, was such a thrilling moment. I also joined etsy and have put some on there for sale. Though am not even getting many views yet let alone sales.  Takes time to grow apparently. Later tonight will pop a couple more paintings I have only recently done on here.  I’ve been into the pastels a bit lately and am running out of paper, so hope to sell another painting soon, fingers crossed. I really understand where they got the saying “starving artists” from.  We much prefer to buy supplies.  (No, not really starving, guess I like my food too much).

Don’t know what its like in your neck of the woods, but the last few days have been cold, especially the nights. My heater gave up a week ago, so have put the oven on for awhile to add some warmth. Brrrr. Now if only I can get the dog away from it, he loves hogging all the heater when its on to.

Now  I’m going to have some unburnt (I hope) tea, and hopefully start on a masterpiece, haha.

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Crying Dog.

I was going to do some sketching or watercolours tonight, but feel too angry and upset. There’s been a dog in the place next to mine, in the house the last couple of days by himself. Both last night and tonight have heard him cry for awhile, and it breaks my heart to hear an animal like that.  He sounds so sad and lonely. The animal people came out earlier today, saw their van out the front.  But he’s still in there by himself.  Tried to ring them tonight but will have to wait til the morning as they’re closed now. The people that live there left a couple of days ago, as they had some trouble there, and haven’t been back yet. I wish it was morning already. Wish I could go in and talk to him.

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Was all excited yesterday about the oncoming arrival of a new battery for my mobile camera phone.  It arrived promptly and when my brother bought it in couldn’t wait to get it out the envelope to put in the phone. Had been waiting on it so I could put a few things on the blog.  Some of my past charcoal, pastel and acrylic works.  Wasn’t to be, the battery they had sent didn’t fit it. Disappointment wasn’t the word.  Was going to learn last night how to take photos of  them then email them to the site.  Well, know how to take the photos, but not the emailing thing by phone.  Ah well, another impatient wait.

Filled a few hours last night looking through the different art blogs on wordpress, some sketching, pastel, coloured pencil art, and oils and acrylics that people had put on.  Drank too many coffees to go with it, but enjoyed it all the same.  My brothers little granddaughter is 5 years old, and I want to put some of the things she draws on also. Her teacher has commented on her ability to draw and colour, and I myself can’t believe the amount of talent that a little 5yo can have.  She is a natural, and is happiest sitting on the floor with pencils, crayons and paper, and will draw for hours if you let her, and if enough paper also. She loves pinching my printing paper.  I really think she will go a long way with it if she keeps to it. Her mother is very talented also, and could sell her work if she wanted to, as it is very unique, her own style, which is very important with art.

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