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Few more old ones.

Will be good when I get a board or something to lean them on, has been windy and they won’t stand up straight outside. For some reason the flash isn’t working, so must be doing something wrong there.

SOLD   Two Black Swans

SOLD   Flowers


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Well I got one picture on ok, but the other two next to it I haven’t done properly. Have just got the camera and am still learning how to use it and upload the pictures. Guess I’ll get it right soon??  Those 3 paintings/drawings I’ve just put on were actually done a few years ago, (have just been in a folder for a long time) just when I was starting to get into art, I haven’t done anything for a long time.  They were done sitting or laying on the floor of an old bus, I have a table now so can spread out more. My love for art has never diminished.  To look at other peoples work gives me such pleasure. To fiddle around with it myself nearly as much.

Its blowing like crazy today, but guess can be very glad we’re not in some parts of America where they have really copped it. My thoughts go out to them.  A speedy safe return to their homes and lives.

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